10 Reasons You Should Consider Buying a Digital Piano

Many people are turning to digital pianos because of their numerous advantages including, affordability, portability, as well as ability to produce numerous, different realistic sounds. In addition, they have weighted keys that closely resemble that of traditional pianos, and have workstation keyboards that allow you to record, store and play back your music. All these benefits make digital pianos highly demanded by many.

There are many digital piano reviews online, which highlight the key specifications and features of every piano to help you decide which one is right for you. Of course what’s right for you won’t necessarily be right for another person. Therefore, if you plan to buy a digital piano, conduct your research well before making that important decision.

What to consider when buying a digital piano?

Buying a digital piano is a wise move if you’re an acoustic pianist looking to advance his skills, or you just want an instrument that can record, store and perform songs. Here are what to look for when buying a digital piano.

1. More Affordable

If you’re a beginner, owning a real piano may be a challenge because of their high prices. On the other hand, digital pianos are reasonably priced, and therefore, finding one with high quality and within your budget shouldn’t be a problem.

2. Occupies Less Space

If you desire to own a piano, but don’t just have enough space in your house that can accommodate the size of a real piano, you need not to worry. Digital pianos come in smaller sizes. Usually, they have a slightly shorter length, much lower height, and approximately 2/3rds the depth of a real piano. So you can be sure that your digital piano will perfectly fit into your small house. On the other hand, if you have a larger room, you can use that extra space to store something else.

3. Portable

Because they’re light in weight, digital pianos can be moved easily from one room to another. Also, if you’re a performing artist who travels a lot, portability should be one of your key considerations when looking for a good piano.

4. Needs No Maintenance

If you thought that your expenses end when you buy a real piano, then you’re very wrong. Real pianos need regular and constant maintenance, which depends on the frequency of use. In addition, you also need to store the piano away from a heat source, excessive moisture and cold. This can be very expensive for some people in the long run.

5. You Get to Practice in Peace

Most of these electric pianos are equipped support headphones; hence you can plug in your headphone and play the piano any time of the day or night. Headphones are beneficial to both the pianist and the people around him or her.You not only get to control the volume of the piano sound so that you don’t distract your neighbors, but you can also block external nuisance to allow you to concentrate on your practice in private. This volume control feature in digital pianos is really important, especially if you stay in an apartment with all types of neighbors whom you may not want to upset.

6. You Get to Record and Listen to Your Performance

Digital pianos come with a recording feature that allow you to record your performance, play it back and take note of any mistakes and progress. This is very important, especially to beginners who need to notice bad piano playing habits early, and correct them before they become deep-seated in their system. Also, if reading music is a challenge to you, but you have an excellent musical memory, you can easily learn a track by listening to a recording.Another advantage of a digital piano is that it allows you to transfer your musical performance to a computer, which you can then edit and print out. You can give out the printed piece to a third party to analyze, and if possible, point out areas that require improvement. This way, you’ll be able to get new ideas that can improve your composition.However, note that not all digital pianos have recording ability. So, if you’re interested in composing your own songs, make sure you that double check to ensure that the instrument you’re buying indeed can record.

7. You Get to Develop Your Rhythmic Ability

Timing is crucial if you want to play a piano well. As a beginner, you’re still developing your mental and muscle memory, and may need to move faster or slower depending on the difficulty level you face. Digital pianos come with in-built metronomes that help you to develop timekeeping as well as rhythmic skills. You can easily flip between tempos and settings on the metronome to slow down a piece and master it properly.

8. Comes With a Huge Variety of Sounds to Keep Your Practice Interesting

Electric pianos are often equipped with several different sounds ranging from strings, church and electronic organs, harpsichord and piano sounds for a greater playing experience. Many people love the versatility of being able to mix different sounds, to make their learning experience more exciting.

9. Have APPs That Improve Playing Ability

This is another great feature of digital pianos. They not only help to develop your performance skills, but also keep you motivated, making learning more enjoyable. Therefore, it’s important that you take advantage of the apps present in your instrument (if there’s any) to enhance your learning experience.Sight-reading skills apps for instance, helps you to identify written notes, whereas aural training apps help to develop listening abilities for specific intervals or scales. Having a tablet device can be useful here as it provides quick access to your electronically stored music sheet.

10. No Need to Set Aside Practice Time

Many people find it difficult to learn something new. That’s why it’s crucial to dedicate your effort and time to learn piano playing if you want to be a pro. Even just 10 minutes daily can make a huge difference in your skills development. However, if you lack motivation, it may be a good idea to play together with others; it’s a sure source of motivation and fun. Digital pianos are jam packed with unique features that will make the most of your practice time, so that you can do more in a shorter time frame.

Buying a digital piano has endless benefits as you’ve seen above; they’re a perfect alternative to acoustic pianos, if you don’t have the money and space. However, before making that important decision, you need to know what features you want, which will depend on what you want the piano for. Also, research extensively about the piano by reading different digital piano reviews online, to know more about it. This way, you’ll be able to make an informed decision, and buy what’s right for you.
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